COVID-19 Plan Mickie's Pub Kelowna B.C.


COVID-19 is caused by a virus. It can spread in droplets when a person coughs or sneezes. It can also be spread if you touch a contaminated surface and then touch your face. Droplets can remain airborne for some time.

The overarching policy is physical distancing ( minimum 6 feet from staff and co workers), hand washing and minimized contact. Wash your hands upon arrival in the building. Make one trip to the table, bar, kitchen etc. instead of multiple trips. And don’t touch your face. Ensure the guests follow the directional arrows and use separate entry/exit points to minimize contact with staff and other customers.

Remember, these are not just our rules, they are procedures that everyone should be following in order to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. You may have to explain this to customers.

Workers and guests who are showing symptoms or have had symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 10 days are prohibited from the workplace. This includes fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, new muscle aches, headaches and anyone singing show tunes.

This prohibition includes anyone directed by public health to self isolate, anyone who arrived from outside Canada within the last 14 days, and anyone who has been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case within the last 14 days.

Visitors are prohibited from entering the back of house areas including kitchens, bar service area, and server areas. This includes co workers from other departments.


Staff food orders:

Staff are welcome to order food and drinks from the Pub. Simply call extension 4548 and give the bartender your name and order. You can pick up your food in the staff room. Do not approach the bar and do not serve yourself or touch anything in the bar or service areas.


Table service:

Tables are set to be a minimum of 6 feet apart from chair back to chair back. One chair has been removed to create a 3 foot space (facing the walkway area) for the server to approach the table. Do not alter or allow the customers to alter this arrangement. Take orders from this area to maintain a safe distance.

Tables should be empty with nothing for the customers to touch. Menus are single use and then recycled. Breakfast menus must be sanitized after each use. Coasters should not be used. Try to minimize trips to each table by completing as many tasks as you can in one trip. Do not bring anything that the customer has not requested. (bowls of creamers, racks of jam, containers of sugar etc.). We have single serve condiments, only bring to the table what the customer requests and will use. You will have to ask how many sugars, what type of jam, how many creamers, pepper, ketchup etc. when the order is placed (minimize trips to the table)

Standing pose should be slightly back from the table. Emphasizing comfort of guest and staff, serving with outstretched arms, rather than physical body, is a best practice. All effort should be made by servers to place menus, cutlery rolls, glasses, and dishes carefully and efficiently, and stand back when speaking with customers. For table touches, be considerate and aim to reduce the number of people who visit each table.

When serving tables, move the tray stand into the area of the 3 foot clear space at the table and (with the stand between you and the table) place the tray with the customer order on the stand. Invite the customers to remove their items, and check to see that they have everything they need (again, minimize trips to the table) When refilling coffee either bring a new  full cup or be careful not to touch the customers cup with your hands or the coffee pot. Give customers “to go” containers on request and let them put their unfinished food into the container.

Do not clear dishes, glasses etc. from the table until after the guests have left. Discard everything that cannot be cleaned and sanitized. Keep dirty dishes and garbage separated from prep and service areas. It is recommended to have one person serving food and drinks and one person designated to clear tables. The bartender can be called on to run food if it becomes very busy. Make sure that tables (including underside), chairs, trays and anything else that the customer may have touched is cleaned and sprayed with sanitizer after each guest. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after each interaction with a guest and before approaching another guest table.

Encourage credit or debit payment with tap option. If using tap, let the customer know that you will add an automatic 15% gratuity to avoid them having to touch the pin pad. Sanitize the machine any time a customer or other staff member has touched it. Best that each server has their own dedicated machine.



All tables, chairs, bar service area, kitchen, customer touch points and washrooms are to be cleaned and sanitized daily prior to opening. Common area staff will be sanitizing washrooms and customer touch points throughout the day based on volumes, but a minimum of once every two hours. Bartender is responsible to sanitize work area and tools at the beginning of their shift, after the previous shift has left. Kitchen cook responsible to sanitize work area and tools at the beginning of their shift, after the previous shift has left. Servers responsible to sanitize work area at the beginning of their shift, after the previous shift has left. If another employee has touched it, replace it with a clean one or sanitize it before using. If possible, each server should use a different Moneris and Squirrel POS machine.

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